ICO Technology is a Belgian company since 1994, We manufacture High Precision Parts and Tools.

Our commitment from the very first day is to provide the best services and solutions to our valued clients.

We are looking for a long-term relationship, to help each other and to grow together.

Why Choose Us?

Committed being your preferred partner

We want to be a valuable partner in providing products and solutions tailor made to your needs. Imagine what we could do together.

Your requirements stimulate our passion to innovate

Our specialists think along with you to come up with the best solutions. It is our goal to improve your processes and ensure that your products anjoy a superior quality.

From evaluations to design and manufacturing

ICO Technology uses latest CAD-CAM technology to provide the perfect design. Our precision CNC machines provide the high standard quality required by our valued customers.

Maximum Precision

ICO Technology brings a lot of attention on the finishin. Good cylindrical and surface grinding machines will assume 2 microns tolerance.


ICO Technology is concerned about quality control. Our temperature controlled metrelogy room and high precision equipments will asurre the products conformity.


About Us

We provide high precision manufacturing, which includes spare parts, jigs, fixtures, progressive dies and gauges.

We support also our customers with our specialized engineering for new application and reverse engineering.

ICO Technology is not a SUPPLIER but a PARTNER, with as objective, supporting our customers to increase their productivity and reducing their cost.

ICO Technology manufactures parts up to 2 microns of tolerance, using the latest equipment technologies.

Our professional engineering team provides the best solution to your problems, and our skill workers provide high product quality.

Using all kind of material as tool steel materials, stainless steel and other non-ferrous, ICO Technology is also specialized in carbide tungsten dies and gauges.

Some of Our Customers

  • PT Federal Superior Chain Manufacturing
  • PT SKF Indonesia
  • PT Federal Nittan
  • PT Panasonic
  • PT Perfetti Van Melle Indonesia
  • PT NSK
  • PT Atsumitec
  • PT Indorama
  • PT Polychem
  • PT Latinusa
  • PT Frisian Flag
  • PT Indolakto

Major Machines & Equipments

  • Mazak Quick Turn NEXUS 150
  • SODICK CNC Wire Cut Machine
  • Lathe Machine " Lei-Shin"
  • CNC Machining Centre "Feeler"
  • Surface Grinding Machine "Proth"
  • Milling Frais + DRO Standard Universal SM-2
  • Milling Frais + DRO Standard Universal SM-2
  • Milling Machine Standard SM-2+DRO2X+Linear
  • Surface Grinding Tripet
  • Cylinder Grinding Schaublin 750 mm
  • CNC EDM Actspark Model SP1 complete w/ standard
  • Surface Grinding Standar 2040M
  • Surface Grinding Standar 2040M
  • Cylinder Grinding External Internal "FORTUNA "
  • Surface Grinding Standard Made In Taiwan Model MSG -2550 M (Manual)
  • Mazak Quick Turn QT - 6 TE ( EIA /ISO)
  • 5 Face Machining Center Quaser Made In Taiwan Model MF 400-C
  • Struder Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine Type: S 20 Favorit


Automotive manufacturing requires high precision spare parts with high wear resistance. The automotive supporting industries such as bearing, chain or engine valve manufacturer demand precision tooling and consumables for a smooth and problem-free production.

We provide parts, tools for polishing, assembling and checking the bearing, customized according to the customer's specifications. In production of motorcycle chain and engine valve, our high precision dies and several assembly-support jig and tools guarantee a precise production and long on-stream life. And of course, a variety of gauges and other checking parts belong to QC room is one of the key to maintain a good and continuous production's quality.

Can Making

If you are looking for high speed machine's dies, you have come to the right place, at ICO Technology our shrink-fit inserted carbide cut edge die and punch provide you the best answer.

Various shapes of curing, flanging anf biding tools are also included in our program. Last but not least to be mentioned is a high precision scroll cutter made of carbide or HSS.



Electronics industries need high output, using fast speed press machine, ICO Technology offers precision dies and punches in different kind of materials.

Specific Spareparts

Many industries need precision spare parts. ICO Technology is your partner to satisfy all your desires.

More solutions for even better performance. Our customers spread in business of stationery, electrical part manufacturer for automotive. They are basically in line of serial production in various area of business, from automotive, packaging, general mechanic, food.



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